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Article from Fire International Magazine

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Fire Safety: The Buck Stops

Fire Safety : The Buck Stops Here

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Hi ! We are Young Firefighters from Thailand                      " Sawas Dee Ka"


FARA : Emergency Rescue Helicopter Project BMA

Arjarn Tom Kanathat C. President of APFA with ML.Sukhumphan Boriphat  Governer of Bangkok Metropolitan Admistrator in Grand opening ceremony of the Emergency Rescue Helicopter Project Suvarnabhumi Airport and Bangkok Thailand. September 13, 2013.

From left Mr. Ronnies Lwin President, Tom Kanathat CEO and Pyi Thit Advisor

Open FARA Myanmar 2-6 April 2013

Opening the Fire and Rescue Association of Myanmar

FARA Myanmarand The Pre-hospital and Fire Rescue  

Federation Association of Myanmar APFA Myanmar by

Mr.Tom Kanathat Chantrsiri President

of FARA Group and President of APFA with Mr.Ronnies Lwin

President of FARA & APFA Myanmar and Mr.Pyi Thit from FTUB at Training CenterHlaing Thar Yar  4-5 April 2013

FARA & APFA Myanmar

3rd Asia Professional Rescuer Competition 2012 Malaysia

December,12 Till 16,  2012 at Fire And Rescue Department

of Malaysia.  FT, Jalan Hang Tuah, Kuala Lumpur. Final Result

Overall Maharat Nakhonratchasima Hospital, Thailand, Champion Singapore, 1st Runner Up MNH Thailand, 2nd Runner Up Huahin Hospital, Thailand, Best Leader Dr. Uraiwan Achsavalertsak, HHH, Thailand, ist Runner Up Malaysia, 2nd Runner Up Singapore

More Picture


( Left ) Mr.Tom Kanathat Chantrsiri, President of

APFA Thailand welcoming to Mr.Ronny Than Lwin President of APFA Burma (Myanmar) and

the new APFA Advisor

from Taiwan (Right) Ms.Jennifer Yang

Project Manager of Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media Ltd. Taiwan Branch

Second Floor, No 8, Lane 360. Section 1, Neihu District, Taipei City 114, Taiwan




FARA with KPS developing Rescue

Khun Supaphone, Managing Director of KPS and Mr.Steven ,Rope Rescue Expertise

visit Mr. Tom Kanathat at FARA Training Centre Klong 9, Pratumthani before invited Tom to learning Rope Rescue Techniques at KPS center.Cha-am .27-29 December 2011


(Left Picture) Bud Calkin, Vice President of SKEDCO, INC. USA, Tom Kanathat, and Bill

(Middle Picture) Group photoes of KPS team, FARA team and ERT of Hua hin Hospital with Dr.Nirun the Director of Hospital





Champion-Maharaj Korat Hospital

First runner up-EFAR Singapore

Second runner up-Konkaen Hospital


See Pictures... Click !


VDO Clip 1

VDO Clip 2

Read Conclusion of Chairman 2 ARPC  TOM  KANATHAT CHANTRSIRI

"Rescue should not be referred to competition to be awarded"


 Opening ceremony APFA Training centre, Suratthani

The opening ceremony of the International Training Centre for Saving Lives during an Emergency at the Asia Pre-Hospital and Fire Rescue Federation Association (APFA) in Surat Thani Hospital. Performing the formal opening ceremony by Mr.Vinai Buapradit, Governor of Suratthani Province 2nd June 2008 Click



 ԷҡôҹêªԵҡ Singapore ٹFARA

ѹ 14-16 ¹ 2008 Mr.James Teo President of APFA and Director of EFAR Emergencies First Aid and Rescue Singapore With Doris and Life saving Instructors visit FARA & EFARTraining Centre locate at Pratumthanee Province of Thailand, 14-16 April 2008.

ԷҡôҹêªԵҡSingapore ٹ FARA




ERT Thai Trained Water/Rope Rescue & BTLS, Singapore

3-7 December 2007, ERT Thai from Suratthanee Hospital, Phyathai 1 Hospital, Chainat Hospital, Red Society and FARA Staff learning Water Rescue  Rope Rescue Basic Trauma Life Support at Singapore by the supporting of FARA-EFAR-APFA     Click



 APFA at Asia Pacific International Conference 2007 AU

APFA Committee Mr.Tom Kanathat, FARA Thailand, Mr.James Teo EFAR Singapore, Mr. Andy Manium, RAYAMARS Malaysia Visit Gold Coast,Queensland, Australia for the Asia Pacific International Conference 2007 by ACAP on25-30 October 2007 Click

The photography withThe Hon Neil Roberts MP,Minister for Emergency Services



See : Rescuer Competition at Singapore

APFA Asia Pre-hospital & Fire Rescue Federation Association by EFAR Singapore, FARA

Thailand, Rayamars, Malaysia, Philippine, United Kingdom and ACAP Australia  joined the 1st Asia Professional Rescuer Competition 2006 at Sarimbun Scout Camp, Singapore   Click


Philippines, -Australia,Malaysia,

Australia, Singapore, Thailand

1st Asia Professional Rescuer Competition

3rd December 2006  Singapore

Fire Rescue & EMS Manual in Thai - English

sThis Manual is designed to accompany the FARA-FS Certified and provides information about Fire Safety, Rescue, Emergency Planing,

First aid and CPR new version

and Command and Control.



"Kanathat to the Rescue" Opinion & analysis from The Bangkok Post newspaper

Fighting the fires on the outside and those within, FARA Thailand founder

Kanathat Chantrsiri is on a mission to make this a safer and more morally conscious nation.He explains that in FARA's Young Firefighters programme children are not only taught how to extinguish external fires. "I established FARA because fire is a bitter event that occurs frequently, "he says, adding that the most destructive fires -like greed, anger and ignorance-often take place within the soul and "are evils that need to be quenched."

Perspective session of The Sunday Bangkok Post newspaper June 18, 2006


 Young Firefighters going to be"Young ERT"





A Safety education and charitable activities program of the FARA

Fire And Rescue Association (Thailand) for children.

Education Raises Awareness

 FARA Fire And Rescue Association Thailand (Since 1997)



The Fire and Rescue Association is a non-governmental, non-profit organization with activities devoted to providing knowledge and to train instructors in fire-fighting service, rescue service, emergency medical service and public safety service.

The association has three major projects :


1).Young Fire-Fighters, now called "Young-ERT" ( Emergency Response Team ), with the objective of awaken awareness about  safety among  youths  aged 10-12 years  and to teach them  kind-heartedness  and good  principles that will see them on through a successful adult  life.


2).Disabled Safety Project , to enrich  the lives  of  people disabled in any way through training so that they may be able to better help themselves as well as to help others.


3).FARA - FS (Fire Safety) Certified ,  a safety  standard  establishedaround  fire safety and risk management based on the principles of total quality management. FARA works with organizations that seek certification in this domain, and this is similar in concept to ISO certification.




"FARA: Safe Thailand - Safe Mankind"






1) To train instructors within an organization (ERT teachers)

2) To establish emergency response teams (within organizations)

3) To train people in thinking for themselves safely.

4) All to an international standard.


Safety through ethical social values



1) Generous

2) Patient

3) Sacrifice

4) Bravery

5) Discipline

6) Being active

7) Inquiring


FARA March


We volunteer to save lives            With safety in our hearts

We will all train hard                      Safety is vital

Holding hands to reach our goal   Persisting, no matter how tired


Throwing ourselves into the task, hearts together and concern for each other   to create a better society

To help everyone  Generous, Patient, with Sacrifice and Bravery

With Discipline, Being active, Inquiring and Tenacious                                   Our principles must be safe

Volunteering whenever there's a disaster                                  Knowing the problem -- and the solution

With inspiration and motivation  We are united

Whoever it is  We must ensure that they are safe    FARA: Safe Thailand - Safe Mankind

Young Firefighters and Young ERT (Emergency Response Team)

"Children and Fire! A dangerous and sometimes deadly mix." FARA offers a variety of training programs for children in Thailand.


Disable Safety

FARA provide basic knowledge of fire and teach the disabled people how to save their lives by themselves.

FARA & Membership

Welcome to FARA, Membership Information, Policy and Member Fee.

Member Application

To print out a copy of the FARA Member's Application Form, fax to FARA: 0-29282122

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FARA-FS(Fire Safety) Certified>Upgrade to be ASIA SHE Standard 2011

Evaluation procedures and standards for "FARA-FS Certified" certification

Training Programs:Fire safety Training & Pre-hospital Care Training  Click

APFA Asia Pre-Hospital and Fire Rescue Federation Association

Under trilateral friendly negotiation and in consideration of joint development, the three parties - EFAR Emergencies First Aid & Rescue (Singapore), FARA Fire And Rescue Association (Thailand) and RAYAMAR CONSULTANT & SERVICES SDN BHD (Malaysia),FARA Korea and Japan with rich experience and relevant expertise in the first-aid knowledge and fire rescue training,jointly take part in the organization of APFA for the promotion of pre-hospital care knowledge fof Asian and other foreign countries.


Our world has been struck by some of the worst wildfire. This site trying to create a more safe and less risky environment to all in the world.

Who is Who in FARA

The Board of Director , Advisory Board, And Executive Committee of FARA.


Fire Safety Information

This section contains the information about Fire Safety." Teach people to protect themselves from fire! "


Emergency Procedures Guide

Necessary Telephone numbers for you, while in trouble! only in Thailand and the emergency procedures guide.


First Aid & CPR

If these first aid measures are carried out promptly, injuries complications can be minimized.

Rescue Services

Learning to survive in this site. Fire fighting and Rescue techniques available here.


Organizations related FARA, hot links !

FARA Calendar

FARA's Schedule: Fire Training Courses, Evacuation Drill, Young Firefighter( Young ERT) Program The president appointment and etc.

Young Firefighter visit Korea

"Oversea Safety Volunteer (OSV) to Thailand Project"  To take students and Volunteers from all over the world to Thailand for 30-90 days, FREE !!! Click



3rd Competition 2012





硴Ѻ  ѷYoung Fire Blind

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EvacuationDrill Night

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Young Firefighters

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硴Ѻ  ѷ

Young Firefighters

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Young Firefighters

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Young Firefighters

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Ranong Hospital

ERT Ranong Hos 1

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VDO Young Fire

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12 anniversary FARA

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ERT Huahin Hos 1

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֡͡˹蹷 16

Highrise Rescue 16

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Fires Statistics

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Fires in Man Hotel

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Bomb Bangkok.

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Fires in Bo-Bae

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High rise fires

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Hospital fire

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Young ERT

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Resuscitate or not ?

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Tom from Bkk Post

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CPR Vertion 2005

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Pataya pub fire

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Rescuer Competition


Webboard FARA


ERT( Emergency Response Team) for Fire, Rescue & EMS





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