Disable Safety


โดย สมาคม FARA ร่วมกับ โรงเรียนอาชีวะพระมหาไถ่

Redemptorist Center of Thailand, Pattaya

พัทยา, จังหวัดชลบุรี

29-30 May 2004

FARA in detail



Tom Kanathat C. CEO of FARA

Fire and Rescue Association

and Mr. David after hands on training

Fire drill at Redemptorist

Vocational School

focuses on help for disabled


Narisa Nitikarn

Redemptorist Vocational School for the Disabled held its second annual fire drill on July 2, 2006 and was supported by the Fire And Rescue Association Thailand (FARA).

Father Worawut Saraphan, the licensee of the school and deputy director presided over the arrangements, and a total of 50 took part.
Head of FARA, Tom Kanathat Chantrsiri had devised a fictional scenario in which a fire had broken out on the fourth floor of the wheelchair building, which is both school building and dormitory. There were 60 people in the building at the time of the fictitious fire.
The drill was organized to teach all procedures in the event of a fire, from first sighting through to evacuation procedures. After the drill Father Worawut praised the participants and presented a gift to the speaker.

“Fires can break out at any time and care should be taken at all times, especially with the disabled who need constantly to practice escape drill procedures,” said Kanathat.

“Because of the varied types of disability at the school, those who are self-mobile are able to reach the fire escapes unaided, but the wheelchair-bound are unable to use the fire escapes and thus the training emphasized on teaching this category to get away from the smoke as quickly as possible.

“Those who are able to move unaided should assist those suffering disabilities which impede mobility to get away from the smoke, as 80 percent of all fire deaths result from inhaling smoke and where the victim usually dies within the space of four minutes.”


Tom Kanathat Chantrsiri CEO of FARA explains safety and

protection measure in the event of a fire.


A resident is lowered from the 4th floor where the ‘fire’ had broken out

as another occupant is rushed out of the danger zone.




Street kids